Premium Distributors Mission is to create a sustainable work environment that facilitates growth through profit while maintaining a friendly, fair, creative work place which respects diversity and hard work, always striving to provide highest quality ice cream products while demonstrating superior customer service.

Our Story:

Premium Distributors started in January 1986 with 2 employees and 2 trucks, the founder Ed Bloomer is still an integral part of the company today. Our product offerings from the start were Good Humor and Ben & Jerry’s; separate companies at the time. Since then, Unilever added an entire family of products that have joined our line up - Breyers, Popsicle, Klondike, Magnum– acquiring Ben & Jerry’s in 2000 and the newest addition – Talenti.

From the start, we realized that customer service would be paramount to our growth. Premium enjoyed double digit increases for 20 of our first 22 years. As it was not always easy, our dedicated employees always pulled us through and we are grateful for them.

As “patience and persistence” became our motto it has been proven to be the formula for our success.

Thirty plus years later we are stronger and better than ever with 90 plus employees and 40 plus delivery vehicles. Premium has six facilities in our service area which consists of Georgia, Tennessee and parts of South Carolina.

Our customer service focus is stronger than ever and we are capitalizing on the latest technology and committed to the development of our staff to excel every day.

We are looking forward to continuing to spread the joy to our customers by providing quality brands with superior service.

Please join the fun – the more customers – the more fun!


Our Services:

We are a DSD distributor covering Ga, TN and part of SC. We deliver the best of ice cream brands to multiple channels of trade.

Our Products:

We distribute these great products, among others...